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Hope finds hope for care

Hope is a 4y/o boy admitted and receiving treatment for Burkitt lymphoma at Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) in Northwest Cameroon. MBH is one of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services childhood cancer centers supported by World Child Cancer. Hope fell sick in October 2016, when he started complaining of abdominal pains that led his parents to discover a hard mass in his abdomen.

Berry’s Story

Berry(not true name) is a 14 month old girl diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and receiving treatment at Mbingo Baptist Hospital(MBH) in Northwest Cameroon. Being residents of a small town in the Southwest region, Berry and her parents have traversed two regions in their search for a solution to Berry’s eye disease before finding help at MBH. According to Berry’s mum, Berry was born with a strange right eye, which appeared like there was an electrical bulb shining inside it.

Precious’s Story

Precious was a 7 year old girl from a small rural village in Manyu Division, the most remote division of the Southwest region, which links Cameroon to Neighboring Nigeria through the Ekok/Mfum bridge over the Cross river. She was a Primary 2 pupil, eight child to her parents who are both Cocoa and Cassava farmers

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