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Mboppi Baptist Hospital


Created on October 9, 2000, Mboppi Baptist Hospital Douala (MBHD) is one of the most prestigious hospitals of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services. The Hospital has been widely acclaimed for the exceptional services it offers to Cameroonians in the cosmopolitan economic capital, Douala. MBHD dominates popular medical institutions in Douala in terms of qualitative services offered, staff strength, and infrastructure. The staff strength is 495 as at April 19,  2023, including 35 medical doctors and 16 specialists; 2 general surgeons, 1 cardiologist, 4 gynecologists, 2 pediatrician, 1 ophthalmologists, and 2 Dentists. MBHD has 146 hospital beds. The Hospital receives clients from Douala town and from other parts of the Littoral Region, and from as far as Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. MBHD also attends to refugees from Chad, Central Africa etc in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The Hospital is opened 24/7.

Digital X-Ray Equipment

Digital X-Ray Equipment

Dental Department

Dental Department


Outpatient Services:

  • General Consultation of clients
  • Emergency Day Care
  • Dental Services – RTC, Extractions, fillings, dentures, braces, mandibular reduction, dental I & D Crowns, Cleaning, orthodontics etc
  • Eye Care Services – Clinical services, surgical services (glaucoma, cataract, etc) and production of spectacles.
  • Clinical Imaging – X-ray & Ultrasound, Chest x-ray, abdominal Ultrasound, pelvic Ultrasound, Lumbosacral, pelvic x-rays, x-rays at the extremities, special exams, mall parts, obstetrical ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, Cardiac Ultrasound, trans fontanel
  • Pharmacy – Drug Procurement, in charge of the entire drug dispensing cycle and Medical supplies .
  • HIV and AIDS Services (Care and Treatment) – Initiate Patients on ARVs, Refill ARVs to old patients, counselling, consultation, vital signs, family planning, monthly follow up of infected children etc.
  • Laboratory Services – Taking samples and testing, etc
  • Physiotherapy (PT) Services –Exercises, Manual Therapy, Massage (soft tissue therapy), Modalities (Thermo Electrotherapy), Casting and clubfoot treatment etc
  • Maternal and Child Health Department – Antenatal care, Infant welfare clinic.
  • Women Health Program – cervical cancer screening, Breast cancer screening, syndromic management of STI, HPV DNA testing, family planning etc.
  • Tuberculosis Services
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Hypertensive clinic
  • Chaplaincy/Social Services – counselling, spiritual guidance, sharing the word of God etc
  • Mental Health Services – Depression, psychosis, Epilepsy, Chila & Dementia, Disorder due to substance use
  • Cardiology Unit – Consultation, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram etc
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT )- consultation, care and surgery
  • Dermatology –Electrocoagulation, biopsies, etc
  • Oncology – Care of children with Cancer
  • Palliative Care – Care of Terminally ill patients
  • Wound care and treatment – wound dressing, consultation, treatment etc
  • Community Base Rehabilitation (CBR) Services – Identification  of Persons with Disabilities and referal, home support visits, rehabilitation services etc 
  • Security Services – Protect property and patients within the hospital premises
  • Canteen services- Food and drinks, special orders etc.

Inpatient Services

  • Pediatric Services (Children’s Ward)
  • Maternity Services –  Labour and Delivery, take care of sick pregnant women, post-partum care, Neonatal resuscitation, baby’s ear piercing, circumcision etc.
  • Men and Women’s Ward
  • Operating theatre (Eye, General surgery, gynaecological, etc)
  • Surgical Ward
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unite (premature Care)


  • Day Care services for staff children
  • Technical Services
  • Health Insurance scheme

Outreach and Sensitization

MBHD carries out outreach and sensitization on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), Disability work, and other health issues in the town of Douala.


Mboppi Baptist Hospital Douala (MBHD) is situated behind the Camp de la Gendarmerie de Mboppi, in the Douala II Sub Division in Wouri Division of the Littoral Region.

Contact Information

Mboppi Baptist Health Centre
PO Box 15161 Akwa,
Wouri Division
Littoral Region

Telephone Numbers
Tel: (Secretariat) + 237 677896106
Security: +237 67556 5894
Administrator: +237 677187471

SNS: +237 679398742



Mr Yongwa Zacks


Dr. Kamdem Jacob


Mrs. Nga Priscilla