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Regional Training Center ( RTC) for Excellence, Mutengene.



Effective Studies for working class citizens in Cameroon.


Effective Studies for working class citizens in Cameroon.

Do you want to improve your professional skills in the healthcare sector while you pursue your career?

The Regional Training Centre for Excellence (RTC) Mutengene offers you this unique opportunity. RTC Mutengene is a Training Institution run by the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services, in partnership with Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences, Uganda.

RTC offers training Prospects for developing effective Healthcare Leaders and Specialists that can work within the Government, Private Institutions, Communities, Councils and NGOs. This Centre upgrades the skills of personnel in relevant fields of Public Health and Community Outreach in the Sub-Saharan Setting. Courses offered are based on student needs, contextual realities and the changing trends in global standards.

Training specialties include;

  • BSc (Hons) A Health Systems Approach to Health and Social Care and Management – 36 & 18 Months (Modular) Validated by the University of ManchesterUK.
  • Diploma in Public Health – 18 months (Modular) Validated by Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda.
  • Diploma in Medical Records and Informatics –, (Modular) Validated by Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda.
  • Diploma in Pediatric Palliative Care -12 months (Validated by Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda.
  • Diploma in Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics – 2 Years (Modular): Validated by Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda.
  • Diploma in Community HIVand AIDS Care and Management -18 months (Modular) Validated by Mbarara University of Science and Technology Uganda.
  • Diploma in Counseling – 18 Months (Modular) Validated by Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences in Uganda.

These specialized courses are open to the general public. Admissions are currently going on and will end on the 30th of April 2020, while classes will begin in May, 2020.

Fees are affordable, 210,000 FCFA per module for 6 modules, with a non-refundable registration fee of 10,000 FCFA.

Interested candidates must have either a professional certificate, and or holders of A/L certificate.

N/B Students can work while they study. As such, they do not need to resign from their jobs.

For admission, please visit and download an application form from:

Filled application forms should be sent to:

For more information contact:

The Registrar: +237 663944387

Academic Dean:  +237 677 565 537

Courses and Programs offered
Fees for all Diploma Courses are 1,300,000 CFA,with an additional 1,400,000 for the BSc in Health and Social Systems Management Course.

Admission Guides

Eligible students are required to pay a nonrefundable application fee of 10,000 F CFA after submitting the Application Form.

Online Applications

Applications are currently going on. To apply to RTC click the “apply now” button below and download the Application Form. Carefully read the instructions of the Form and fill as required

 Student Life in RTC

  • Life in RTC Mutengene -Southwest Region of Cameroon, has a very conducive environment and climate for an enjoyable Campus life. Feeding is available on campus at subsidized rates and affordable to students.
  • Affordable lodging is also available at subsidized rates for early applicants and arrangements are made and followed up by the accommodation department.


Regional Training Center
  • “After my studies at RTC critical thinking, analysis and reflective practice have now become part of my everyday assign. These values are a prerequisite for success in providing community-centered health care,” says Jacqueline.

    Today I recommend you sign up for course at RTC if you want to grow your career in health care management. The course structure, constituted in modules allows the students to study at their pace. Besides, you can study while working or going with your daily routines given that you only appear in class a-week in-three months.

    The fallouts of the course I undertook are visible. “I can better relate with my clients in the community and measure the impact of my work thanks you tools I got at RTC” prides the visibly fulfilled Jacqueline.

    ABAN Jacqueline SHINSE
    Community HIV/AIDS Care and Management

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Academic Coordinator: Mr. Nkuoh Godlove
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