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Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Resource Centre

Mvan , Yaoundé, Cameroon


The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Resource Centre is one of the most recent centers of the CBCHS. It is located strategically opposite the military Airport in Mvan – Yaoundé precisely in Ndamvout village on a surface area of 1881msq. The centre, which used to be the SIL headquarters in Yaoundé was remodeled and its doors officially opened for services in September 2018. Unlike other health facilities of the CBCHS which directly respond to the needs of the sick, the Resource Centre provides resources and facilities for research, capacity building, projects management and restoration. The centre has comfortable and affordable guest rooms that are open both to the staff of the CBCHS and to the public and can be booked during work hours. It also has office spaces that are available for rent by reputable companies/organizations.

Services/Programs Hosted

  • The PEPFAR-funded HIV-Free Centre Region Program
  • The Liliana-funded EDID Program
  • The Research Office of the CBCHS
  • The Family Health International (FHI) 360
  • The CBCHS Rest House
  • Chaplaincy

Available Facilities

  • Sixty (60) Office Spaces
  • Six (06) Multipurpose fully equipped Halls
  • Thirty-four (34) comfortable and affordable guest rooms
  • Video conferencing and sound system equipment
  • A 150KVA stand-by Generator for 24/7 power supply
  • An Eighty-five (85) meter deep bore hole for 24/7 portable water supply
  • Secured parking hosting more than 30 vehicles
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance and Security personnel at entry and exit points
  • An Ultramodern Lift
  • An Envisaged Fitness Unit
  • Tables/Chairs/Canopies Rental Services

To book for office spaces, sleeping rooms, meeting halls, etc. you can call:

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Resource Centre
Mvan, Yaounde



Contact Number:  +237 673686232, +237 678 041 244