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Dunger Baptist Hospital (DBH) Mbem is the oldest institution of the CBCHS. It was started in 1936 as a dispensary by American missionaries led by Dr. Dunger to enable them treat the people of diseases like malaria as they evangelise. It was later transformed into a maternity and then into a health centre of the CBCHS in 1972.

Our Services

Outpatient Services

  • Daily Consultation of patients. Common diseases seen include malaria, pneumonia, gastritis, hypertension and HIV/AIDS.
  • Pharmacy which mainly dispenses drugs
  • Laboratory Services. Main tests done include HIV, Urinalysis and Stool, Malaria, Hepatitis and Diabetes Control.
  • Treatment Room. Here, minor surgeries like circumcision are done and also suturing of wounds and dressing of wounds.
  • Maternal Child Health Services like Antenatal Clinic (ANC), labour monitoring and deliveries (a monthly average of 15 deliveries conducted), postpartum care and Infant Welfare Clinic.
  • Family Planning Services
  • Registration where patients are received and payments are done.

Inpatient Services

Seriously ill clients seen at the OPD whose conditions require follow up are admitted in DBH. The hospital has 36 beds spread out in four wards namely: Female’s Ward, Men’s Ward, Paediatric Ward and Maternity Ward. 


DBH is located in Mbem Village, Nwa Sub Division in the Dunga Matung Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It is found in the Mbem which falls under Nwa Health District.


SNS: Yuimu George Kaffe

Tel: +237 67034 4958