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Ekounou Baptist HC



The Health Center was created on February 22, 2007 as Ekounou Baptist Health Center following an authorization of Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health. However, the name is being changed to Ekoumdoum Baptist Health Center following the transfer to its permanent site on March 18, 2018. The Center has 205 staff including 7 medical doctors, 4 screeners, and 2 nurse practitioners as of July 2020. This Health Centre, which provides general and specialist services, receives and sees an average of 5000 clients a month coming from almost all parts of the Center Region and beyond. The health facility is found about 500 metres from Carrefour de l’Amitié (former Carrefour de la mort), adjacent College Petou and directly opposite Pinnacle of Success Bilingual Academy, Awae Road.

Ekounou (Ekoumdoum) Baptist Health Center is in the process of transformation into a referral hospital in the Center region. The beginning of conducting surgeries there is a big relief to the numerous clients, especially pregnant women needing cesaerean section operation.

Our Services

General Services:

  • General Consultation
  • Laboratory investigations
  • Dental services
  • Treatment Room (Injection and Dressing)
  • Wound Care and surgeries
  • Circumcision, using Gomco Method
  • HIV & AIDS care
  • Chaplaincy and Psycho-social services
  • Eye services
  • Ultrasound and X-ray
  • Pharmacy
  • Antenatal Clinic, Deliveries, Mother and Child Care (inpatient care)
  • Cervical Cancer screening, Family planning and HPV vaccination
  • Mental health
  • Social services
  • Know Your Numbers (KYN)
  • Childhood Cancer
  • Physiotherapy (PT)
  • Nutrition Improvement Program
  • X-ray Ultrasound services
  • Canteen services       
  • Other support services

Specialist Services

  • A dentist
  • An internist with double capacity as CMO
  • An Ophthalmologist
  • A gynecologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Reproductive health specialist
  • Pediatric surgeon

Contact Information

Ekounou Baptist Health Centre
C/O Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hopsital
P.O. Box 2039 Grand Messa, 

Yaounde, Centre RegionCameroon – Africa 

Tel: (Mobile) (+237) 677 25 57 57

                            (+237) 674181799

 (Fixed): (+237) 222 30 62 27