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Nkoabang Baptist Health Center Yaounde


Created on March 1, 2017, Nkoabang Baptist Health Center (NBHC) is one of the newest health centers of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services. The Health Center has grown into a bursary station just after a year of creation. As at June 2020, it had 71 competent staff, among who are two medical doctors and a nurse practitioner. NBHC sees averagely 2000 clients in a month and has a bed capacity of 24 distributed in 5 different wards. NBHC receives 75 percent of its clients from Nkoabang, and the other 25 percent from neighboring areas like Mimboman, Dixieme, Arette, Sur Mangier, Nkomo, and even Ekounou and Awae village.

The Health Center treats diseases like malaria, intestinal parasites (Amaebiasis, diarrhea), gastritis, respiratory tract infections and hypertension, diabetes, meningitis, acute and chronic gastro enteritis, STIs, typhoid and several cases of blood transfusion, dog and snake bites. The Health Centre is opened 24/7.

Our Services

Services Offered

  • General consultation at OPD
  • Hospitalization
  • Chaplaincy
  • Eye Care
  • Index Testing/ HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Metal Health Care
  • Registration/Payment
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Treatment Room for Minor Surgeries
  • Maternal Child Health (MCH) viz: Antenatal Clinic (ANC), Deliveries and Infant Welfare Clinic (IWC)
  • Family Planning
  • Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV
  • Observation services for patients needing intravenous infusions and blood transfusions
  • Outreach to neighboring villages
  • Nutrition Improvement Program
  • Physiotherapy (PT)

Inpatient Services

  • Children’s Ward
  • Men’s Ward
  • Women’s Ward
  • Maternity Ward

Specialist Services (on scheduled visits)

  • Dermatologist
  • Orthopedist
  • Pediatrician
  • Endocrinologist


Nkoabang Baptist Health Centre is found in Nkoabang village, Nkolafamba Subdivision in Mfou Division (Yaounde IV) of the Center Region of Cameroon. It is situated about 15km from the central town of Yaounde.

Contact Information

 C/O Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital Centre
P.O. Box 2039 Grand Messa, 
Yaounde – Cameroon

 Tel: 677329111

 Security: 673428112