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Our Mission

  • Provide the highest quality care and service to patients and families through our unique assessment and counseling expertise, organizational skills and knowledge of systems and resources.
  • Provide leadership in the development of a plan of care, which takes into consideration the complex, psychological, social, environmental, and financial aspects of patient and family life situations.
  • Promote and provide health maintenance and community support of patients and families.
  • Educate health professionals about the impact of patient and family psychosocial factors in the delivery outcome of health care.
  • Build interdisciplinary, inter-professional and inter-community collaborations that deliberately welcome the voices of those often excluded from health equity conversations.


The Social Services Department of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services was created in 2004 out of the need to treat patients entirely by not only addressing their physical conditions, but also, their emotional and social needs as well. The department commenced with 2 social services workers. The demand to assess the needs of complex patients and provide risk-focused care coordination and intervention to assist people with the bio-psychosocial and functional issues impacting their medical care, adherence and physical health increased, and over 40 social workers have been trained and recruited across CBC health facilities and health programs to meet the needs of the people.

This department operates 24/7 and sees over 27.000 clients annually across the CBC Health Services facilities. We provide direct services to patients and their families/care givers aiming at minimizing the negative impacts of illness and hospitalization. We enhance social and emotional functioning through targeted interventions and the mobilization of services and supports.

Our Services

The CBC Health Services social workers provide the following variety of services in all CBC Health Services facilities:

  • Case management discharge planning
  • Health education and promotion
  • Assisting patients and their families to follow treatment plan
  • Meeting the patient’s medically related social needs
  • Assessment
  • Counseling, mediation and therapeutic interventions
  • Case management, service coordination and multidisciplinary work
  • Crisis interventions
  • Education, resourcing and practical assistance
  • Resourcing and support in accessing appropriate information and financial assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Policy, program design and research
  • Specialist clinical expertise in addressing the psychosocial issues of clients

Our Team

General Supervisor

Mrs.Therese Iwoi Kyota

General Supervisor
Rev.Dr. Ndongndeh Godlove

Rev.Dr. Ndongndeh Godlove


Therese Iwoi Epse. Kyota

General Supervisor, CBCHS Social Services