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Kouhouat Baptist HC

The people of Kouhouat use to strain a lot getting health services from distant away hospitals   like Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) for treatment and  consultations. Given the persistent demand for CBCHS Services, the CBCHS created a health post in 1999.

Given the enormous progress registered and continues rise in the demand of services, the Health Post   was upgraded to a health centre on April, 30 1994.

Services Offered
The health centre provides the following services:

Outpatient Services:
These include:

  • general consultation,
  • registration,
  • pharmacy,
  • laboratory (the key tests being urinalysis, hepatitis, malaria, sexually transmitted infections, and type and cross match of blood for transfusion amongst others).
  • family planning which offers various family planning methods to clients.
  • The maternity that does Antenatal Clinic (ANC), deliveries, infant welfare clinic and nutrition counseling.
  • prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV services.
  • Treatment Room where minor surgeries and dressing change are done.

Inpatient Services:

  • The health centre admits severe medical cases and those needing medical follow-up. five admission wards namely; Men , Women , Children , Maternity and Private Wards.

Other Services:

  • Chaplaincy that ensures the spiritual wellbeing of staff and patients,
  • Security Post that safeguards staff and equipment
  • Laundry Department that is in charge of keeping the health centre linen and compound clean.

Bed capacity: The centre has a bed capacity of 27 spread in five wards

Staff capacity: Kouhouat Baptist Health Centre has a staff of 22 and a screener

Number of patients: The health centre attends to an average 415 patients every month. A total of 30 admissions are recorded on average per month, with 155 deliveries recorded in 2014. There were 998 In Patients attendance in 2014 and 6,269 Out Patients.

Supervising Hosptital:  BBH

Kouhouat village,   is situated 26km from Foumban  It is found in Bangourain Subdivision, Noun Division in the West Region of Cameroon.  Kouhouat is predominantly Muslim.

Catchment areas: The health centre receives patients from seven out of the nine subdivisions in Noun division.

Contact Information
+237 675694979
+237 697941547