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Allat Bapt HC



The Allat Baptist Health Centre (ABHC) was created in 1986 and was upgraded to an Integrated Health Center by the Cameroon Baptist

Convention Health Services on the July 30, 1987. ABHC as of August, 2021 has 10 nurses,  including a screener working 24/24 and attending to over 200 patients monthly. The Health Center has 17 beds spread in 4 wards. The health center serves close to 25 communities and does sensitization outreach in Allat, Assawa, Mbenguedji, Bani, and Altine villages.

Our Services

Outpatient Services

  • General consultation,
  • Pharmacy services,
  • Laboratory services,
  • Treatment room for minor surgeries,
  • Maternal Child Health (MCH),
  • Antenatal clinic (ANC),
  • Infant welfare clinic Services,
  • Family Planning Services,
  • Outreach for vaccination and consultation and
  • Security services
  • Reception Room (Registration Room).

Inpatient Services

  • General Admissions,
  • Children’s Ward,
  • Women’s Ward,
  • Men’s Ward,
  • Maternity Ward – Deliveries (an average of 5 babies per month),

Location: Allat Baptist Health Center is found in Mayo Banyo Subdivision, Mayo Banyo Division in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon. It falls under Allat Health Area in the Banyo Health District.

Contact Information

Chief of Center:  Kolem Emmanuel +237 6757178190