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Africa Christian Health Associations Platform 9th Biennial Conference 2019 Re-Igniting Primary Health Care: The Role of ACHAP

About the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP)


Health and Healing for all in Africa


Inspired by Christ’s healing ministry, ACHAP supports Church related health associations and organizations to work and advocate for health for all in Africa, guided by equity, justice and human dignity.

Africa Christian Health Associations Platform 9th Biennial Conference 2019

Re-Igniting Primary Health Care: The Role of ACHAP

Please note: Registration has closed.

As time is of the essence, kindly help us prepare for your journey to Cameroon for the 9th ACHAP Biennial Conference by sending your travel documents as soon as possible for visa processing.

At your earliest convenience, please send your:

  • flight itinerary and
  • a copy of your passport

to George Ngwang at, who will be handling travel arrangements for all our participants.

Every two years ACHAP holds a Biennial Conference to reflect on regional and global health issues and priorities, which have an impact on countries and communities served by faith-based health services. The 9th Biennial Conference and General Assembly of ACHAP will be held in Cameroon, Yaoundé on the theme “Re-Igniting Primary Health Care: The role of ACHAP.”

Historically, CHAs have always contributed significantly in responding to demographic and epidemiological transitions especially in fragile settings in sub-Sahara Africa. Hence, the conference will be an opportunity for CHAs and partners, members of ACHAP to explore the ACHAP role in implementing PHC for UHC, which role cannot be overemphasized.

February 25 – March 1, 2019
  • Participant arrival: Feb. 25
  • Pre-conference date: Feb. 26
  • Conference days: Feb 27-Feb 28
  • Participant departure: March 1

Hotel Mont Febe
Yaoundé, Cameroon


Conference Rates:
  • Cost per person for members: $950 USD
  • Cost per person for non-members : $1000 USD 

* These amounts include $200 USD registration fee for members and $250 USD for non-members

Becoming a Member

ACHAP membership is open to Christian Health Associations (CHAs), Church Health Networks (CHNs) and other Church Health Organizations (CHOs). These associations, networks or organizations refer to those founded/ owned/managed jointly or individually by Christian denominations namely; Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal or Evangelical. They shall be national in character. This implies an explicit mandate of the association, network or organization that enables it to engage in discussions and take decisions for and on behalf of its constituent members. In a country where there is a recognized nationally representative association, network or organization, for all Christian denominations, that association, network or organization shall be the only one eligible for ACHAP membership.