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Community Counselling Clinic

Free Medical Check Up

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Community Counselling Clinic
Statement of Purpose

The community Counseling Clinic (CCC) is a service of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, which provides counseling to people who need guidance on how to deal with personal difficulties, or who want to grow further and live wholly. Through the counseling relationship, the counselor attempts to assist the counselee in his/her effort to live a more productive life.
In this clinic, our staffs, in the course of carrying out this specialized counseling ministry, draw their insights from both psychological and healthy spiritual perspectives. Since our counselors are persons with clear religious stands, we affirm the importance of personal faith in Christ Jesus. Nevertheless, our staffs do not, in any way, seek to impose a particular religious orientation on clients.
Our clinic offers relationship counseling, personal growth and self-discovery counseling and counseling on issues surrounding the meaning of life. In all cases, counselors attempt to be emotionally and spiritually sensitive to the client’s situation. The means that each client is considered unique and valued in their own right, and thus entitled to full acceptance and understanding of their life situation.