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Prof. Tih admonishes CBCHS Staff at his Birthday

June 21, 2019 was a bright Friday morning in Bamenda! The staff of the Central Administration of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) had just finished their usual Friday morning Praise and Worship session when the Director of the institution, Prof. Tih Pius went on stage and extended his greetings to the staff.

Today was his birthday, knowledge of which was made known by the institution’s Chief of Administration and Finance (CAF), Mr. Warri Denis. In his charismatic style, the CAF acknowledged the visible brightness and youthful exuberance of the Director in spite of the heavy responsibilities on his shoulders in leading the organization to safer grounds. The CAF then tuned the birthday song in honour of the Director.

CBCHS Press caught up with Prof Tih to tell his feelings on this special day:

“I feel great. I feel much younger than I was a few days ago. Usually, birthdays remind us of how much we have done or how long we have lived. I feel great to know that working with all of you, we have accomplished a lot in the past and we still have a lot ahead of us to do, God sustaining us. We should seek God’s face in all we do, that he will prosper us and give us good health because without good health the years that we spend may be in agony and in misery. So let us do things that will promote good health. Let us do things that will sustain our environment in order to keep us healthy, and let us also support each other in whatever we do. We should be of good cheer because when we are happy we will be healthy. Happiness brings good health. I want to just advise that we should look for things that make us happy and maintain a peaceful mind. Live at peace with everybody around you and you will be a happy person”.


These words are a reflection of the Director, as he is known for his crusade in activities that promote the health of all Cameroonians. His extraordinary sense of good humor is also a virtue to emulate. Happy birthday the Director!