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Please, donate for Ndum’s Kidney Transplant


A cry for help: Fighting to stay alive is my daily struggle

My quest to stay healthy is a daily struggle. Tablets, injections, and dialysis have become part and parcel of my life for the past 8 years. I am called Ndum Mildred, I am 22 years old. I am hypertensive, anemic and to crown it all, I have kidney failure.

My ordeals started in 2012 when I was barely 14 years old. I developed high blood pressure, while I was still struggling to swallow that pill, the complications got worse, with further diagnoses proving that I had kidney failure.

My journey hasn’t been easy. I depend on dialysis two times a week to stay alive. This process comes with a cost as I have to spend at least 10 thousand FRS CFA each week for my treatment. Having lost my dad early in life, my peasant mother can’t shoulder the financial burden. I depend on my salary and donations from well-wishers to cover the expenses. To all these people who have stood by me all these years, I wish to heartily thank you.

Presently, the dialysis no longer guarantees my survival since the fistula which was used on my hand for dialysis got damaged beyond repairs. This forced the doctors to take the last option which was to place a catheter in my chest. The catheter is very fragile and in case of any malfunction, I will die.

As it is said that every cloud has a silver lining, one of my cousins has volunteered to donate his kidney. After a series of tests run to ascertain our compatibility, I was referred to a hospital in India for my operation since such operations can’t be conducted in Cameroon.

For our flight (myself and the donor), operation, and 6 weeks’ stay in India, I will need 14.300.000 FRS CFA that is about $ 24.000 to make this dream come true.

Any donation of any type will go a long way to keep me alive. I will be grateful if you spare your penny, lunch, comfort to help me stay alive.

My life depends on you


Make Your Donations Through the contacts below


Account Name: Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board
Account Number: 3928527989
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Bank Address: P.O Box 5128, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5128, USA
Swift Code: WFBIUS6S

Routing Number: (RTN):

For direct deposit, and Automatic Payments, use Routing Number (RTN): 091400046

For Wire Transfer, use Routing Number (RTN): 121000248


BANK NAME: United Bank for Africa (UBA) Cameroon, SA
P. O. Box 689 Bamenda
ACCOUNT NAME: Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services
P. O. Box 1 Bamenda
North West Region Cameroon
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 04031 000084- 03
IBAN: 10033 – 05204 – 04031 000084 – 03

MTN Mobile Money: 651255868

Thank you for your kind donation

CBC Health Services
Tel: (+237) 651 255 868

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