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“Disclaimer of false allegation”.

“Disclaimer of false allegation”.

About 12.30 am on Saturday 15 th February 2020, Mboppi Baptist Hospital admitted three patients with history of diarrhea and vomiting. Later, that same morning two of them aged 38 and 40 yrs-old (a male and female) went into Hyvolemic shock and died while the doctors were about to refer them to New Bell district Hospital. One was finally referred to the district hospital for proper management. The DMO was alerted and he immediately came to Mboppi Baptist Hospital with his team and took all necessary precautions in case this could be cholera cases. All the staff who were in contact with those patients were given appropriate preventive care as well as disinfection of the caregivers and the two corpses. A stool sample was collected by the district team from the corpses to be analyzed in Yaoundé for confirmation or ruling out of Cholera.

The District Medical Officer has taken his responsibilities and only the Hon. Minister of Public Health will inform the public whether these were cases of Cholera or not. The information circulating in the social media that Mboppi Baptist Hospital is dispensing medicines for the prevention of coronavirus is false and should not be respected. Please do not rush to Mboppi Baptist Hospital or to anybody to buy preventive medicines for coronavirus. The information is not true and there is no suspicion of coronavirus linked to the cases that came to Mboppi Baptist hospital, Douala last weekend.


Pius Tih Pius Muffih, Director, CBC Health Services