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The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services Resource Center – Mvan Yaounde

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Resource Centre is one of the most recent centers of the CBCHS. It is located strategically opposite the military Airport in Mvan – Y’de on a land with total surface area of 1881msq.

The facility was acquired from SIL Cameroon in 2016 and after a lot of reconstruction and modifications, the center was put to use in September 2018. Unlike other health facilities of the CBCHS which directly respond to the needs of the sick, the Resource Centre provides resources and facilities for research, capacity building and projects management. The Resource Centre serves both the CBC Health Services and other organizations involved in similar work as that of the CBCHS.

Since the doors were opened in 2018, the Resource Centre has been host to the following projects/organizations/offices.

  1. The PEPFAR-funded HIV-Free Centre Region Program
  2. The Liliana-funded EDID Program
  3. The Research units of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Program
  4. The Family Health International (FHI) 360
  5. The Management Science for Health (MSH)

The Resource Centre offers an environment and facilities for quality work. It has spacious office and sleeping rooms both for CBCHS and other partner/sister organizations as well as halls for retreats, seminars, symposiums, workshops and ceremonies. With the completion of the building which has been under construction for more than a year now, the center can now boast of about 52 normal office spaces, 6 Halls and close to 34 comfortable sleeping rooms of different standards. It has enough space for parking.

The center is under 24/7 video surveillance to step up security. It also has an ultra-modern lift which is intended to facilitate movement up and down the 4-storey building and also making it disability-friendly. There is a 150 KVA Generator and an 85m deep bore hole to ensure constant power and water supply respectively. It has a Chaplain and an Administrator in place to fully run and manage the facility and resources.

The doors of the center remain open for visitors and guests all the time. It also welcomes opportunities to host and/or provide office space for other organizations and services who do reputable work in the country. The rates are relatively affordable and lower than most other places in Yaoundé.

To book for office spaces, sleeping rooms, meeting halls, etc. you can call:




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