Central Pharmacy Mutengene


CBC Central Pharmacy has as mission to provide reliable, affordable and quality essential medicine, medical supplies, capacity building, quality control, production, and other pharmaceutical services on time and in sufficient quantities under Christian and professional values

General Manager

Mr. Ngah Edward Ndze

General Manager
Chief of Drug Unit

Mr. Wirba Banda Livinus

Chief of Drug Unit

Contact Information

CBC Central Pharmacy
P.O. Box 152, Tiko
Southwest Region, Cameroon 
Tel: +237 33351096
Email: cpinfo@cbchealthservices.org
Website: www.cbchealthservices.org

Services offered The Central Pharmacy has two main departments, each comprising other sub-units that offer quality services.

 Administration, Procurement and Distribution Department

This Department performs the following functions and services:

  • It stocks drugs, medical supplies and equipment and ensures appropriate distribution practices.
  • Generates sufficient funds that sustain supply of medicines.
  • Ensures appropriate warehousing facilities
  • Supply products in the shortest time possible to all the CBC health institutions
  • Manage White Cross Store

 Production Department

The department has many units:

  • Sterile Production Unit
  • Non-Sterile Production or Compounding Unit
  • Chemical Production Unit
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Unit
  • HESCO (Health Services Complex) Water Production Unit


The Central Pharmacy is located at the CBC Health Services Complex premises in Mutengene, Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is at Dibanda Hill along the Mutengene-Buea Road