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Program Coordination
The management structure of the SEEPD Program consists of a Program Director who is the representative of the partner organization and is responsible for the overall functioning of the Program.The day to day management of the Program is ensured by the Program Manager who is responsible to ensure that all the Program results are attained. He is assisted by a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer who ensures that all Program activities and reporting is done on time and properly. The Gender and Child Protection Officer ensures that child’s rights are respected at all levels and that all program activities take on board gender in both planning and implementation. A Communication Officer ensures that the Program has proper visibility in the Project area and country as a whole and that people with disabilities are properly informed of Program activities. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for organizing all logistics for Program work and visits. The Finance Officer ensures the proper and efficient management of Program finances and ensures that management is informed of all financial trends, implications and opportunities for informed decision taking. The Education Advisor plays a key role in advocacy for inclusive education and training of Teachers for inclusive teaching.

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