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Liliane Foundation, CBCHS Approve 3-Year Project on IE for Five CBC Schools

Progam Manager for EDID Mrs. Aghor Glory shares guides and insights on prorject.

By Fru Rita Ngum

A project submitted by the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Education Department to the CBC Health Services on the implementation of inclusive education in some CBC Schools has been approved. This was approved during a planning meeting on the Sustainable Inclusive Education Project for CBC schools that held at the Office of the Director of CBC Health Services (DHS) on February 27, 2018.

Socio Economic Empowerment of People with Disabilities (SEEPD) Program Manager, Mr. Awa Jacques Chirac in an overview of the project, noted that the objective of the project is to support the government of Cameroon in the provisions of quality education. Mr. Awa expatiated on the objectives, implementation strategy and expected results. Facilities involved; Baptist Comprehensive High Schools Nkwen Bamenda, Njinikijem, CBC Primary School Nkwen and Baptist Teachers’ Training Collage Ndop.

Liliane Foundation will fund this 3 year project which kicks off this year via the Empowerment Disability and Inclusive Development (EDID) program and the CBC Health Services. The Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih chaired the meeting and said he is optimistic that if the project idea is well implemented, the piloted project can be extended to other CBC schools.

Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Education Secretary (ES), Mr. Nyanganji Job Indi who conceived the project in late 2017, expressed gratitude for the openness and support of the Director of Health Services (DHS) that has enabled the realization of the project. He further recommended that the CBC Practicing School Ndop be added to the 4 approved schools, thus, making a total of 5 schools to pilot the project.

The ES highlighted some of the risks and challenges of the project, which he was hopeful that they will be overcome by first of all educating all relevant actors concerned with the project. He noted that there is need to clearly specify the type of disabilities that falls within the project in order to avoid the challenges of admitting all types of disabilities which may be challenging to handle in the long run. He further stated that not all types of disabilities can be accommodated in mainstream settings.  Mr. Nyanganji added that the possibility of children with impairments not succeeding in public exams may be a challenge but said there is need to train trainer of trainers so that there is understanding between what the children write and what the examiners assess.

Management and Stake holders committee establishing on best project prospects.
Management and Stake holders committee establishing on best project prospects.

During the meeting, the management and stakeholders committee were created and assigned roles and responsibilities to ensure smooth implementation of the project. The Management Committee will be headed by the Education Secretary who will lead the project team made up of the Project Manager, Mrs. Agho Glory, Project Officer, Dr Napthalin Atanga, the Education Advisor, Mrs. Forbuzie Bridget,  Mr Nkfusai Gideon as Finance Officer and Mr. Awa Jacques Chirac to provide guidance in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Director of CBC Health Services will head the key external stakeholders committee from the government, disabled persons organizations, religious bodies, and civil society organizations.

It is hoped that the coming of this project will turn a page in the CBC Education Department and in the lives of some children with disabilities in CBC Schools.

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