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Assessment Results on PT services in the CBCHS and SAJOCA reveals

PT staff listening to the report on the PT assessment

Report of technical assessment done by CBM Pediatric Physiotherapist specialist Maria Regina on Physiotherapy department on 3 CBC Health Services hospitals and SAJOCA Bafut has been revealed to the heads of Physiotherapy departments in those hospitals and some Physiotherapy assistants. This was during a one day meeting organized by the SEEPD Program with the objective to disclose the report which proposes recommendations for improvement on training, infrastructures, equipment, and data system in the different hospitals. During the meeting the PT staff was also expected to develop actions plans to each of the recommendations.

In her report Maria identified that there are some areas which require development and need for training for SEEPD partners in relation to rehabilitation and orthopedic services provision. According to her staff of the Banso, Mbingo and Mutengene PT/Orthopedic department will need to be trained on early intervention and rehabilitation of patients with stroke, other neurological problems and management for children with neurological impairments

On the part of SAJOCAH Bafut, she highlighted that although space is not an issue, the rehabilitation structure would need repair and reorganization in particular to better accommodate children and adults with neurological problems.

The report further pointed out that in all the 4 hospitals visited the patients’ perception of the services receive is good and of good quality given that many parents who have access services have appreciated the quality of treatment received  in these hospital

After deliberating on the report which the PT staff received with appreciations, they developed actions plans with deadlines and persons in charge of following up on the implementation of those plans. They unanimously agree to organize trainings, on truma injuries, counselling , improve  accessibility to some PT services, organized an audit to determine which equipment be replaced in some centers, do supervisory training plan amongst others

In an interview with the Supervisor of the PT Services of the CBC Health Services Mr Fanfon Timothy who chaired the meeting lauded the idea of the assessment  which he says will go a long way improve on PT/Orthopedic services provision  in the different centers . He said the action plans have been developed and the team will get into implementation for positive outcomes

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