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Assessment Results on PT services in the CBCHS and SAJOCA reveals

PT staff listening to the report on the PT assessment

Report of technical assessment done by CBM Pediatric Physiotherapist specialist Maria Regina on Physiotherapy department on 3 CBC Health Services hospitals and SAJOCA Bafut has been revealed to the heads of Physiotherapy departments in those hospitals and some Physiotherapy assistants. This was during a one day meeting organized by the SEEPD Program with the objective to disclose the report which…

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Deputy of HRD at the Ministry of public Health applauds CBCHS for initiating the CCCP

Dr Ngene presenting on brace fitting during the workshop

Statistics reveal that 63% of births in Cameroon is done by train birth attendants with little or no knowledge on the clubfoot deformity with an estimated 2 out of 1000 children born with clubfoot deformity. It is against this backdrop that the CBC Health Services in partnership with CBM in 2014 designed the Cameroon Clubfoot Care Project (CCCP) with the…

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