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CBCHS Donates Tricycle to Lady with Disability

CAF handing over the tricycle to a WWD

By Ngala Hansel

It was Tuesday, September 5, 2017 on a cool morning just immediately after devotions that the largesse of the leadership of the CBC Health Services was once again manifested. The Chief of Administration and Finance (CAF) alongside the Supervisor of the Community Rehabilitation Services (CRS) Supervisor for the CBCHS, Kenchi Joseph, handed a tricycle to a lady with disability by name, Divina Mbibi.

Speaking during the brief but moving ceremony, the CAF explained that Divina was spotted by the Director of Health Services himself and helped in the procurement of the tricycle which was being handed to Divina. Divina, who is in her thirties, lives at the New Lay-out neighborhood of Bamenda and is disabled from her knees down. This means that for her to move, she has to “walk” on all her limbs.

Speaking to CBCHS Press after the ceremony, she was on the verge of tears as she explained that words could not be enough for her to thank the entire CBC Health Services family for this kind gesture. She said the tricycle will now help her to get around much easily and comfortably and that even taking her bath would not be a messy experience as before. “Before this tricycle came, I usually faced immense difficulty putting on my clothes…Often they would get all soiled as I struggle to put them on. Now, this tricycle will be of great help to me. I really thank the people who supported me with this tool and I pray that God will bless them more and more and give them more energy and the means to support many more people like me,” she explained in Pidgin.

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