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UYO poised to improving Livelihood Opportunities for PWDs

By Clodine Mbuli & Fru Rita Ngum

A 3 day workshop organized by the United Youth Organization (UYO) in collaboration with Ndu Council and the Socio Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disability (SEEPD) Program held at the Council premises from August 17-19, 2017. The workshop aimed at building the capacity of youths especially girls in livelihood opportunities.

Speaking at the workshop, the Mayor of Ndu Council, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap congratulated UYO for the brilliant initiative and for including 12 persons with disability in the training program which will enhance inclusion and their socio economic empowerment. Mayor Bunyui challenged the beneficiaries, especially girls to put the knowledge acquired into practice as it will lead to poverty alleviation in Ndu Municipality. He reiterated that the woman is the backbone of the community and her empowerment has positive impact on the family and community at large.

Representing the SEEPD Programme Manager, the SEEPD Gender Officer, Clodine Mbuli commended UYO and Ndu municipality for their relentless efforts in enhancing Disability and Inclusive Development. She highlighted that when gender and disability is intentionally mainstreamed in development initiatives, men, women, boys and girls with and without disabilities participate and benefit equally.

This Inclusive Empowerment and Mentorship Training (IEMT) programme is an on-going activity designed to meet the needs of women, youths and children with diversified activities. The training programme includes bead making, Ankara (the act of using local materials to produce bags, bangles, shoes, earrings, chains, slippers, sandals, necklace belt, tie) coconut oil, fruit juice and interior household decoration. This is in a bit to empower the youths, women and children in livelihood activities in order to enhance self- employment, self-reliance and reduce dependency.

UYO is a humanitarian and talent promoting organization which has as partners the SEEPD programme, Ndu Council, Regional Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training, MINPROFF and Youth Affairs and Civic Education, all seeking to change the world through self-discovery, talent building and enhancing the empowerment of youths especially girls and children with and without disabilities. UYO stands shoulders tall in improving livelihood of the vulnerable through its empowerment programmes.

During the training, it was discovered that financial and material support to persons with disabilities will enhance their socio economic empowerment. It is hoped that this initiative by UYO which has been applauded by many will be emulated by other organizations or stakeholders so that it will improve on the livelihood of persons with disability. The workshop brought together over 100 participants.

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