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CBCHS Donor Donates Sanitary Pads to Women, Girls with Disability in NW Region

SEEPD Program Manager handing over Sanitary Pads to CUAPWD

By Fru Rita Ngum

Nineteen women with disability and four without disability have received gifts of 2 cartons containing 121 sanitary towels and a pack of assorted items such as pants, toothbrushes, etc. Mr. Awa Jacques Chirac, Programme Manager of the Socio Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SEEPD) programme and representative of the Director of CBC Health Services at the event handed over the gifts to the Coordinating Unit of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (CUAPWD) NW recently. The gifts came from a donor of the CBCHS, Smeldy Jennifer who has links with a group of parents in the UK that has an interest in supporting young girls with disabilities with sanitary towels.

In a letter handed alongside the gifts to the President of the CUAPWD, Mr. Nyincho Samuel, the Director of CBCHS (DHS), Prof. Tih Puis Muffih called on the President to ensure that the gifts were distributed to needy women with disability to ameliorate their hygienic condition. The DHS’ representative, Mr. Awa added that research reveals that sanitary pads are very good for use given its hygienic condition.

Presiding at the distribution of the gifts to the beneficiaries during the meeting of the North West Association of Women with disability, the CUAPWD Programme Manager, Ndi Veronica reminded the women to always keep themselves neat.

The Founder of Aidrikings Foundation, Antionia Bih drilled the beneficiaries on menstrual hygiene and sanitation with practical demonstration on the use of sanitary towels. She stressed on   the advantages of using   cotton under wears and sanitary pads during menstrual periods. She also schooled them on how to dispose the used sanitary towels for the sake of environmental protection.

The beneficiaries and the President of the CUWPWD appreciated the donors for the gifts, which most of them attested that the brands of sanitary towels were new to them. About 95% of them did not have knowledge on the use of sanitary pads, which they now have.

Overwhelmed with the high demand of sanitary towels and given the financial limitations faced by women/girls with disabilities, the CUWPWD, like Oliver Twist, recommended that more of such opportunities should be given to women and girls with disabilities given that a huge number of needy girls with disabilities are still in the Region.

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