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SEEPD Programme Lobbies for Partnership with PNDP

PNDP NW Regional Coordinator (middles) in session with SEEPD  team
PNDP NW Regional Coordinator (middles)
in session with SEEPD team

The NW Regional Coordinator for the National Community Driven Development Programme (PNDP) has commended the partnership between the Socio Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SEEPD) programme and 22 Local Councils in the NW Region. The PNDP Regional coordinator was speaking during an advocacy visit paid by the SEEPD programme to the PNDP office in Bamenda recently. The SEEPD team comprised of the Programme Manager, Mr. Awa Jacques Chirac as leader, SEEPD Programme Officer, Mr. Chia Emmanuel and the Communication Officer, Fru Rita Ngum. Speaking on behalf of the SEEPD team, the Programme Manager, Mr. Awa Jacques Chirac said after 7 years of experience in promoting disability inclusiveness in the NWR, the SEEPD programme is poised to collaborate with PNDP in adding an inclusive dimension to her current mandate. He added that it could take the form of technical support through capacity development for PNDP staff, training of consultants to develop Council Development Officers on disability inclusive development and ensuring that infrastructural development comes with the consciousness and knowledge to keep children safe. Responding to the above concerns, the PNDP Regional Coordinator noted that the objective of his organization is to assist the government of Cameroon in establishing and implementing a decentralized financing mechanism t o e n s u r e a d e c e n tr a li z e d participatory development in rural areas. He explained that the Pr o g r a m m e e st a b lis h e s a mechanism for transferring funds to municipalities in rural areas, to finance priority community infrastructures, building the capacities of Local Councils in planning and developing legal and regulatory framework for decentralized rural development. In line with its activities, the Regional Coordinator expressed his willingness to work with the SEEPD programme and assured that the PNDP will invite the SEEPD programme during its capacity building seminars to do presentations on inclusive development. He added that both parties will continue to brainstorm to see what each of them has to offer in order to complement each other’s efforts to promote disability inclusive development.

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