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SEEPD Calls on Jakiri Inhabitants to End Stigma Against Persons with Mental Disorders

SEEPD Calls on Jakiri Inhabitants to End Stigma Against Persons with Mental Disorders
SEEPD Calls on Jakiri Inhabitants to End Stigma Against Persons with Mental Disorders
The Mental Health Programme Supervisor for the CBC Health Services, Ms. Anya Nadege has called on people in Jakiri to shun stigma and discrimination against persons with mental problems. She made the call during a one day seminar that took place at the Jakiri Council Hall recently.
The event brought together over 100 teachers, school guidance counselors, community leaders, youths, family members of patients with mental problems, students and pastors. The objective of the seminar was to build the capacities of residents so that they can create an enabling environment for people with mental illness and to recognize symptoms of mental disorders.
Expatiating on the seminar theme, “No health without mental health”, the Supervisor of Mental Health programme regretted that there are no policies protecting the rights of people with mental health in Cameroon and that mental health legislation is outdated. She complained that people with mental health conditions are still seen as a threat to others even when they have become stable. She also expressed the wish for Government and community members to put in place measures that will improve on the lives of persons with mental problems.
Fonyuy Herbert, one of the people with mental disorders who was treated in Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) testified that he suffered from mental problems for a number of years during which his family took him to different traditional doctors for treatment. The 24-year-old said his contact with the Mental Health Department in BBH marked a turning point in his life. Herbert used his experience to call on people never to reject people with mental problems but to show them love and affection and take them for treatment in BBH. He now works in the BBH Technical Services Department.
The Supervisor of the Community Counseling Clinic, Rev Dr. Ndongndeh Godlove, said counseling helps to reassure the family members of the person with mental problems that there is hope and also helps the person psychologically.
The Supervisor of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Services, Mr. Kenchi Joseph, stressed that the inclusion of persons with mental problems and persons with disabilities as a whole cannot be overemphasized. He called on community members and leaders to refer any case of mental disorder to BBH.
Earlier, the representative of the Mayor of Jakiri applauded the efforts of the CBC Health Services in coming up with different services that improve on the health of Cameroonians.
It should be noted that the Mental Health Department in BBH has now been changed to Family Care Center. It has three psychiatric nurses who work in collaboration with doctors, social workers and chaplains. They also work with the Community Counseling Clinic of the CBC Health Services. The department treats conditions like depression, psychosis, epilepsy, alcohol and drug use disorder, dementia and behavioral disorder. It has so far treated over 150 persons with mental disorder.

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