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Assistant SDO Cautions those who Violate Rights of PWDs

Asistant SDO Momo Division promising hard-times-for those who violate rights of PWDs
Asistant SDO Momo Division promising hard-times-for those who violate rights of PWDs
The Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Momo Division in the Northwest Region has promised hard times to those who fail to respect the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and the less privileged stating that the Head of State Paul Biya has inscribed those rights in his policy. Mr. Namba was speaking during a workshop organized by the Socio Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SEEPD) Programme as part of activities marking the 53rd edition of the Pan African Day of the Woman commemorated on August 3rd 2015 in Mbengwi. The Day was commemorated under the theme ‘Women’s empowerment; fight against poverty’
The objective of the one day workshop was to build the capacities of women in other to increase their participation in development activities and in mainstreaming ‘Gender and Disabilities’ in their action plans.
Presiding over the ocasion, the Second Assistant SDO for Momo Division appreciated the SEEPD Programme and the Regional Delegation of Women’s Empowerment and the Family for organizing such forums where women and especially those with disabilities can gain knowledge on how to better their lives. Mr. Namba called on the population to use the opportunity given by the SEEPD Programme to reflect on the potentials of persons with disabilities and include them in development actions.
Drilling the participants on Gender and Disability, the Gender Officer of the SEEPD Programme Mrs. Fomonyuy Clodine Mbuli decried the fact that women with disabilities face a lot of stigma, isolation and are sometimes seen as a burden to the society. She added that if empowered and given the chance, women with disabilities will join others to fight against poverty in the Region. The Gender Officer then called on the women to mainstream gender and disabilities in their different activities and create an inclusive society.
On her part, the Education Advisor of the SEEPD Programme, Mrs. Fobuzie Bridget schooled the woman on disability and inclusive development. She noted that nobody is born with a disability but it is the culture and environment that turns the person’s impairment into a disability by placing barriers that prevents them from exploring their full potentials. Mrs. Fobuzie made it clear that Cameroon cannot talk about eradicating poverty if women with disabilities are not included in the process.
Earlier, the SEEPD Programme Officer Mr. Chia Emmanuel did a presentation on the overview of the programme in which he laid emphasis on gender because in the past more men benefited from the program than the women. He attested that women are vulnerable but women with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse, thus the SEEPD Programme is doing all it can to get the communities mainstream gender and disability in their actions.
Participants developed action plans with some of them being to support systems for farming as a group, visit and encouraged marginalized groups and above all include people with disabilities in all they do. The over 100 representatives from different women groups in Momo Division attested that they have acquired skills on gender and disabilities which will help them better relate with persons with disabilities.
Speaking at the close of the workshop, the Regional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Mrs. Judy Ngweh lauded the partnership between the SEEPD Programme and her delegation which she said is yielding fruits as many women have already been educated on disability and gender. She challenged participants to put the lessons learnt into practice and create an impact on the community

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