Technical Services Department

Technical Services Department

The Technical Services Department (TSD) was first given the status of a Department in June 1989 when the first Supervisor Mr. Chiambah Abraham Bujoff (aka Mr. ABC) was appointed and posted to Health Services Central with the base office in Mbingo. This Department was first called Projects Department and on the September 6, 2004, it was re-named Technical Services Department (TSD).

Activities of the TSD started with the birth of the mission field in Cameroon. The activities were carried out mostly independently on different stations by various professionals and technicians assigned from other fulltime responsibilities. It appears all missionaries were multi-talented.
They were able to repair and maintain vehicles and generators install and maintain electricity, plumbing, agriculture, design and supervise buildings, as well as other related activities.

However, there were some professionals considered laymen who volunteered as missionaries.

  1. Mr. Ernest Hilderbrand, a builder built most of the present day Banso Baptist Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Chafee and it was dedicated on June 15, 1954.
  2. Berndt Lemke November 1966 – First to Ndu Seminary (Bible Training Centre then) – Taught in the seminary, built the chapel, later in Mbingo OPD. He built House One after a fire accident. In Banso Baptist Hospital he built house 10.
  3. Darell Schuh – Mbingo OPD, - Nkwen Health Centre, - Etoug – Ebe Health centre.

In 1982 Mr. Chiambah Abraham was employed in Mbingo as a livestock supervisor following a three months training with IRZ and Heifer Project Int. His training in Building was well known and he was occasionally involved in building projects.

In 1984 Mr. Chiambah Abraham was assigned to supervise the construction of Etoug Ebe Baptist Health Centre and Darrell Schuh who designed it, brought a team to join him for the foundation work only.

In 1986, he returned to Bamenda and constructed the Health Board rest house together with extensions of the Nkwen Health Centre.

Department Name
Between1987 to 1989 while Mr. Chiambah Abraham was studying in Kaduna, Al-Stober built the Banso Baptist Hospital surgical block. On return, the Health Board holding in Bamenda in June 1989 appointed Mr. Chiambah Abraham as the Supervisor of the Projects Department posting him to Health Services Central with an office in Mbingo. That was the beginning of the Department.

TSD Management Team
1.    Mr. Ngam Joseph Ful:  Administrator, TSD
2.    Mr. Chiambah Abraham Bujoff:  Technical Supervisor
3.    Mr. Kouamo Alain Bagou Operations: Operations Manager
4.    Projects Manager /Chief Engineer: Mr. Numen Kemayou Jule
5.    Mr. Njiah Ernest Yoh:  Financial Analyst

Contact Information

Technical Supervisor OFFICE
Tel: (237) 677-60-01-20