Mbingo Baptist Hospital is a referral hospital in Cameron and the West Africa Sub Region. The Hospital is an approved HIV/AIDS treatment center. It serves as a training centre for the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) and the Christian Internal Medicine Specialization programmes (CIMS).


The Hospital began in 1952 as a Leprosy Settlement. In 1965, the General Hospital became an up-shoot of the Leprosy Settlement. The Hospital provides comprehensive health care among which the following services standout: General nursing, eye surgery, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) surgery, surgical and internal medicine residency programs, vocational training and rehabilitation.

  • Mr Nji Richard, Aministrator

    Mr Nji Richard, Aministrator

  • Mrs Tamon Eveline, SNS

    Mrs Tamon Eveline, SNS

Our Services

  • The Eye Department has dedicated staff with a resident Ophthalmologist and offers a comprehensive eye care. The services include outpatient consultations with services like; the prescription and fitting of lenses, diode laser surgery, YAG laser surgery & fundus photography, Eye surgery and procedures such as cataract extraction plus intra ocular lens placement, pterygium & transplant etc., and Glaucoma Screening. About 1,700 patients are seen monthly in the department.

  • The MBH Lab. is opened 24/7 and does and offers all basic and advanced laboratory services. There is a Pathologist who has established a high level pathology lab in the hospital. This has significantly reduced the number specimens shipped to Canada and USA for examination.

  •  The operating theatre does gynaecological and obstetric surgery, general and specialized surgical procedures like prostatectomy/TURP, total abdominal hysterectomy, partial hysterectomy, hernia repairs of all types, amputation, incision & drainage, vein stripping, mastectomy of all types, circumcision, cardiac window creation, etc. In 2013, the hospital had 2 full time surgeons (all trainers in the PAACS programmes) as well as an ENT and an Orthopaedic Surgeons.

  • There is a dental department which does all dental procedures.

  • The Hospital Pharmacy supplies clients with quality drugs and drug related items to both Inpatients and Outpatients. It has satellite pharmacies within the hospital. MBH also hosts the CBC Central Pharmacy satellite store rendering consistency in the supply of drugs both to the hospital, its health centers and the Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) Hospital. The MBH Pharmacy is opened 24/7 and has a computerized drug management system that makes it unique.

  • The PT department of the hospital offers treatment for the following conditions; Fractures, Low back pain, club foot, sport injuries (sprains/strains), burns, neck pains, paraplegics, and quadriplegics. The Hospital treats hemiplegia (stroke), cerebral palsy, facial palsy, etc. Fitness and weight reduction program, prosthetic and orthotic services are also produces Below knee (BK) and Above knee (AK) prosthesis – artificial legs, and various splinting and assistive devices. The PT department attended to 10,002 clients in the clinic and 311 follow up cases in 2012.

  • Technology rules the world. MBH is blessed with a well equipped technical services department that operates and trains candidates in construction, maintenance, metal shop, carpentry, automobile sub departments. A lot of what is used in the hospital is produced and maintained by this department. There is also a busy biomedical engineering service that repairs medical equipment.

  • The MBH Care and Treatment Centre started with support from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The center provides comprehensive HIV primary care that includes ART, Adherence counseling, psychological counseling, pastoral counseling and nutritional counseling. Family centered care is also given the clients with particular attention paid to clinical, psychological and environmental issues. Over 1,200 clients are seen at the centre every month.

  • This department is open every day and provides meals to staff and visitors. There are both local and European dishes. Daily meals are available to patients and caregivers at very affordable prices.

  • MBH is one of the approved centers for the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB). The department offers services like diagnosis, free treatment, follow-up of clients in the community as need be and sensitization

  • The programme offers services to people with disabilities and preventing disabilities and while offering community services, rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, special and general education for deaf children. In 2012, the CBR visited 377 communities and attended to 21,148 people. Community Sign Language was taught to 11,916 people in 289 families.

  • This is one of the most important departments of the hospital, healing and encouraging the spiritually sick clients in order that they might be brought to the serving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Typical activities include: grief and loss care, risk screening, facilitation of spiritual issues, crisis intervention/Critical Incident Stress Assistance, spiritual assessment, conflict resolution among staff members, and family members, supervising volunteer pastors who can assist in spiritual care to the sick.

Meet Our Team Of Doctors
  • Mbingo Baptist Hospital
  • Mbingo Baptist Hospital


Mbingo Baptist Hospital
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