Kumba Baptist  Health Center

  • Yungseh Peter Nshiom

    Yungseh Peter Nshiom

    Chief Of Centre


Ekounou Baptist Health Centre (EBHC) now situated in Ekoumdoum neighbourhood in Yaounde is one of the outstanding health centers of the CBC Health Services that offers quality healthcare to her clients. The Health Center was created on February 22, 2007 following an authorization of Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health. Ekounou Baptist Health Center has 25 hospital beds, and about 105 staff including a medical doctor, 4 screeners, and a dentist as of July 2018. This Health Centre receives clients from almost all parts of the Center Region and beyond seeing an average of 3,700 clients a month. The health facility is found about 500 metres from Carrefour de l’Amitié (former Carrefour de la mort), adjacent College Petou and directly opposite Pinnacle of Success Bilingual Academy

Services Offered

Outpatient Services

  • Daily consultations,
  • Counseling (spiritual, social, and nutritional counseling),
  • Care and treatment center,
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
  • Eye services,
  • Dental services,
  • Laboratory services,
  • Dhysiotherapy,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Maternal Child Health (Antenatal Clinic, PMTCT-Option B+, Infant Welfare Clinic-vaccination and nutrition counseling),
  • Women’s Health Programme & Family Planning (cervical & breast cancer screening),
  • Social Services and
  • Treatment Room where Incision and drainage, circumcision and removal of Lymphoma are done.
  • Kumba Baptist Health Centre operates a satellite store of the CBC Central Pharmacy since 2014
  • Government and other private health facilities under the Performance Based Financing (PBF) project in that part of the country.

Inpatient Services

  • KBHC does admissions of difficult cases that require close follow up.
  • Admissions in wards with an average of 200 patients admitted per month
  • Maternity services are gaining ground with KBHC conducting an average of 60 deliveries every month with good postpartum care offered to clients.

Other Services

  • The centre offers catering services (canteen and housekeeping),
  • Security services with 12 guards
  • Chaplaincy services with one chaplain.
  • Mental health services
  • Child protection services

Staff Capacity:

  • KBHC has a sum total of 165 staff?
  • Permanent staff are 148
  • Non-permanent staff are 17
  • Doctors are 2 (general practitioners)

Bed Capacity:

  • The health centre has a bed capacity of 49 spread out in four wards namely:
  •  Maternity ward 18 beds
  • Men’s ward 8 beds
  • Women’s ward 8beds
  • Children’s wards 15 beds


  • Move from health center to hospital
  • To complete fencing the entire health centre.
  • To start maternity block
  • To start Central Pharmacy store permanent building
  • To start staff duplex


  • Functioning theatre
  • Completion of the main building
  • Installation of chemistry analyzer etc in laboratory

Number of Patients:

  • KBHC has a sum total of 5030 patients per month?
  • An average of 200 out patients
  • An average of 60 deliveries
  • Attends to 1258 patients weekly
  • Attends to an average of 168 patients daily

Catchment Areas: 

  • Kumba and other parts of Meme
  • Part of Ndian division
  • Manyu division, Kupe Mangema division
  • Litoral Region (Mbanga, Loum, Nkongsamba etc

Outreach and sensitization

  • Goes for outreach to Tombel, souza, Loum etc
  • Entire Ndian Division
  • Mbonge sub division

Supervising Hospital(s)

  • Baptist Hospital Mutengene (BHM)


  • Patients are referred to Kumba District Hospital
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Kumba
  • Baptist Hospital Mutengene

What is New

  • A newly constructed modern infrastructure
  • A new and well equipped theatre
  • The chemistry analyzer and other laboratory equipment
  • New services like ENT and Care and Treatment have been introduced

Opening Hours

  • 24 hours round the cluck
  • 3 shifts
  • Throughout the week

Contact Information

 Contact Information

Main Office: 670596439

COC: 3335 5215/ +237 7621 7924

Security Office: 678462544

PO Box: 4 Kumba

Email: yungseh2013@yahoo.com

Email: bhckumba@yahoo.com

Website: www.cbchealthservices.org


KBHC is located in Meta Quarter in Kumba II Sub-Division, Meme Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is found on the same environment with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Seminary Kumba.


Partners with World Bank through Performance Based Financing(PBF)