Bafia Baptist Health Center




Name: Philemon Mbangsi Katu


Contact Information

Main Office: 671654277

COC: +237 653687291, 677772432, 660243092

Security Office: 669518999

PO Box: mutengene




 BBHC is found in Bafia village in Muyuka Sub-Division, Fako Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. It is located 10 miles from Moyuka town.


Bafia Baptist Health Centre (BBHC) was started as Primary Health Centre (PHC) under the Life Abundant Primary Healthcare Programme (LAP) on January 25, 2008 to meet the health needs of the population that is predominantly farmers with cocoa as the main cash crop. With the increasing demand for more quality services, the PHC was on December 16, 2013 upgraded into an integrated health centre.

Services Offered

Outpatient Services. These included

  • General consultations,
  • laboratory analysis,
  • pharmacy,
  • maternal child health,
  • daily consultations,
  • counseling (spiritual, social, and nutritional counseling),
  • eye services provided by doctors on visit,  
  • Laboratory services,
  • Ultrasound provided by doctor on support visit,
  • Maternal Child Health (Antenatal Clinic, PMTCT-Option B+, Infant Welfare Clinic-vaccination and nutrition counseling),
  • Family Planning,
  • Treatment Room where Incision and drainage, circumcision and removal of Lymphoma are done.

Inpatient Services.

  • Admissions in wards
  • Maternity services

Staff capacity:

  • The BBHC has a sum total of 14 staff, 11 fulltime staff, and 3 support staff.
  • It has one Brevet, 2 nursing Assistants, 1 laboratory and Pharmacy auxiliary staff, one finance clerk and 1 house keeper and 3 security guards. 


  • Inlying wards
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Modern laboratory
  • Fence present land/Add more land


  • A motorbike offered by DHS


Number of Patients:

  • BBHC saw an average of 200 patients a month up from 85 in the first few months after creation.
  • Averagely, BBHC sees 300 patients in a month
  • 11 patients daily
  • 80 patients weekly
  • 30 in patients
  • 300 outpatient

Bed capacity

  • The health centre has a bed capacity of  14 beds
  •  Maternity ward 5 beds
  • Men’s ward 3 beds
  • Women’s ward 2 beds
  • Children’s wards 4 beds
  • Labour ward 2 beds

Opening Hours

  • Works starts at 7am with morning devotions
  • The health centre operates 24 hours round the cluck
  • 8 working shifts
  • 3 shifts

Catchment Areas: 

  • Munyenge
  • Bafia
  • Ebie
  • Bova
  • Ikata
  • Mbonge

Outreach and sensitization

  • BBHC undertakes outreach and sensitization in Ebie (Mbonge)
  • ANC outreach in Bafia
  • Vaccination- meningitis in Ikata, Mile 14 Lykoko

Supervising Hospital(s)

  • BBHC is supervised by Baptist Hospital Mutengene.


  • BBHC is supervised by Baptist Hospital Mutengene.
  • District hospital Moyuka

What is New about the HC

  • Inclusion in Performance Based Financing