Health Centers


Akeh Baptist Health Center
The health centre started in 1984 as a Primary Health Centre (PHC) under the Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Healthcare Programme of the CBC Health Services. In 1996, the PHC witnessed a transformation into a full-fledged health centre of the CBC Health Services with Mr. Ndikitum George as the pioneer Chief of Centre (COC). Read more..

Bangolan Baptist Health Center
The CBC Health Board started Bangolan Baptist Health Center as a Maternity in 1964. The great need and demand for quality care by the community prompted the CBC Health Services to transform the Maternity into an Integrated Health Center in 1973. As a result, more services were added and more trained workers posted to the health center. Read more..

Belo Baptist Health Center
Belo Baptist Health is the second oldest health unit of the CBC Health Services. It is the biggest health centre in the Belo Health Area. It was opened in 1946 by a missionary, Ms. Margaret Kittlitz. Read more…

Finkwi Baptist Health Center
Before 1999, Finkwi had a government health post. The Finkwi Cultural Development Association (FICUDA) applied for funding from the Basel Mission in Switzerland in 1999 to transform the health post into a health centre. About 7 Million FCFA was donated to FICUDA. Read more….

 Jikijem Baptist Health Center
Before the creation of a Baptist health facility in Oku-Jikijem, the people had sometimes benefitted from the quality services offered in Banso Baptist Hospital and Mbingo Baptist Hospital. With the constant outbreak of epidemics like measles which attacked children in the early 1960s, read more…

Kwighe Baptist Health Center
This is one of the health centers of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) which started in 1997 as a Primary Health Center. It was an initiative of the community placed under the CBC Health Services Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Healthcare programme. Read more..

Lassin Baptist Health Center

Lassin Baptist Health Centre started as a government community health post. In 1992, the community applied for the creation of a CBC Health Services health unit in the village. Following the application, a team was sent from Banso to carry out feasibility studies which culminated in the conversion of the government health post into a CBC Health Services run unit in 1999. Read more…

Ndu Baptist Health Center

In 1988, the Ndu population strongly advocated for the CBC Health Services to extend her services to their community by offering a structure that would host the facility. On September 11 in the same year, the CBC Health Services started offering services in the temporary site while the community was constructing the maternity building. Read more.. 

Ngeptang Baptist Health Center

Ngeptang Baptist Health Centre started as a Government Health Post in the 80s and was later handed to the community. On September 12, 1999 the health post was handed over to the CBC Health Services in order that the population can continue to enjoy quality health care services.

Nkwen Baptist Health Center

Nkwen Baptist Health Centre is located within the Baptist Centre Nkwen premises in Bamenda at the Finance Junction neighbourhood. It started on May 2, 1979 in a rented structure as a dispensary, read more…

Romkong Baptist Health Center

The health centre was started as Primary Health Centre (PHC) in 1995 under the Life Abundant Primary (LAP) Healthcare programme of the CBC Health Services to meet the health needs of the population of Romkong and neighbouring villages. Read more…

Sabga Baptist Health Center

Prior to 1986, the community of Sabga observed a need for a health centre in their community. A health committee was therefore formed and two villagers were designated for training; one as a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) and the other as a Pharmacy Staf.  Read more…