DHS Tours CBCHS Facilities

By Wango Barnabas

The Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, on August 16, 2017 began a tour that will take him to all the facilities of the CBCHS. According to Prof. Tih Pius, the visit, which ought to be carried out every other year, is an opportunity for him to meet and commune with the workers who may not have the opportunity to meet him in the office. It is also a moment for him to get the feel of what is happening at the grassroots, listen to the worries and challenges of the workers and present an opportunity to thank the workers for the great work that is being carried out in the communities. “You are the ones actually doing the work! I want to say thank you, let us continue to offer quality care to all and make the difference,” Prof Tih said as he moved from one facility to the other.

Sabga Baptist Health Centre was his first port of call, then Finkwi and Bangolan on the same day. In all the Health Centres, Prof Tih was appreciative of the warm welcome and smiling faces of the staff seen through the singing of the CBCHS Mission Statement to the words of welcome from the chiefs of centre: Messrs Ekfui Godlove, Munang Innocent and Kelese Godlove in that order.

The health centres shared common challenges of space, need for more diagnostic equipment (such as the Ultra Sound machine) and regular and prompt supply of essential drugs. To these, the DHS encouraged staff to keep working and offering their best. He said the watch word remains QUALITY. The DHS said the Board is striving to make things better and God is blessing the efforts with huge projects like the Strategy 9 buildings, some of which have already been put to use. More staff are also being trained to meet up with the shortage of personnel.

The DHS also explained the appeal made by the Executive President for other Departments to contribute to meet up with at least one month of unpaid salaries to teachers. He said the suggestion of 25% deductions from CBCHS workers was just a proposal that should not be given grudgingly but out of love for our fellow brethren.

This was the same scenario as the DHS later on moved to Nkwen and Ashong on Friday August 18, Nkoabang and Ekounou on Monday, August 21 and Etougebe on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

At the end of the visit at each facility, the DHS granted audiences to all who wanted to have a personal discussion with him.

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