Dunger Baptist Hospital Mbem Gets Resident Doctor

By Nchamcham Emmanuel

The oldest and mother of all CBCHS institutions is on the path of regaining her lost glory and birth right. Difficult to believe, but it is true that Dunger Baptist Hospital Mbem (DBHM) now has a resident doctor, a Cameroonian and son of the host division, Donga and Mantung. Dr. Nfor Budi Sone was received on April 1, 2017, in a kind of euphoria that could only be likened to the “Triumphal Entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem. Bike riders and the population of Mbem and her neighbouring villages received the vehicle carrying the doctor at the foot of the famous Rom Rock all the way to DBHM as the dancing and laying palm fronds on the way as a sign of hilarious welcome. Ardos (Bororo leaders), state officials from Nwa and religious leaders joined the joyful population and staff of DBHM in the hospital chapel where the official welcoming ceremony took place.

Dr. Nfor Budi Nke Sone

In his maiden address to the population that clearly demonstrated that the arrival of a doctor in DBHM was long awaited, Dr. Nfor Budi said he was amazed by the high profile reception. Dr. Nfor promised to put in his best efforts for the growth of the hospital and the community as a whole. Since then, the new doctor has been working hand-in-glove with the Supervisor of Nursing Services (SNS), Mr. Yham Noah Gobte in breaking new grounds by visiting and creating awareness in neighbouring villages. At the time of this report, they had been to Mfe, Muram, Nwa and Sigom. They have also visited the D.O of Nwa, the Commissioner of Police, and the District Medical Officer among
other public officials in the sub divisional headquarters, Nwa. Meantime, there has been an increase of patients since the arrival of the new doctor with average daily OPD attendance moving from 12 to 16 and many inpatients. The number of surgical cases has also increased. Clients have also been received from neighbouring villages of
Nigeria such as Bang and Gembu.

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