ALSO Trains 23 Services Providers

Twenty three nurses and midwives of some CBCHS hospitals and health centres have undergone training at the Baptist Centre on Basic Life Support for Obstetrics. The training organized by the advanced Life Support for
Obstetrics (ALSO) programme took place on April 28 and 29, 2017. Part of its six drills organized in 2017,
ALSO Coordinator, Mrs. Mbah Rahel told CBCHS Press that the service providers and trainers need to refresh their skills regularly to update their knowledge and familiarize themselves with new concepts.

This, Mrs. Mbah said, would help reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. The curriculum, which is updated every two years by the American Academy of Family Physicians, has helped even those with experience in the field, as many participants
have testified. The ALSO programme is also rounding up pilots for the Moyo foetal heart rate monitor alongside the prevention of Group B Streptococcus transmission from mother to child during birth. According to Mrs. Mbah, they will review and submit data to their partners for analysis at the University of Alabama.

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