CBCHS Inaugurates 30th Health Centre in Nkoabang

Nkoabang Health Center

The 30 Health Centre of the CBCHS and the third in the capital city of Yaoundé has opened its doors to patients. Nkoabang Baptist Health Center (NBHC) was dedicated on March 1, 2017, bringing the number of CBC health facilities in the center Region to four on the whole and in the capital city to three after Etoug-Ebe and Ekounou.

Staff Of Nkoabang
Staff Of Nkoabang

Dedicating the new health centre, Rev. Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne, Field Pastor of Yaoundé called on the close to 20 inducted staff, led by the Chief of Center, Mr. Sam Pius to aptly represent the system. He said the Nkoabang Baptist Health Centre is a mustard seed that if well cared for, will blossom to the glory of God. T h e C h i e f Medical Officer and Administrator of the Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital Ya o u n d e , w h o presided over the ceremony, were both visibly happy that this dream has finally come to fruition. The two officials appreciated everyone who contributed to its success in one way or the other. The new staff were encouraged to brighten the corner of Nkoabang as part of the CBCHS. Speaking on behalf of his staff, the chief of centre, Mr. Sam Pius promised they would do their very best in providing health care to all who need it. He promised to uphold the standards of the CBCHS even in Nkoabang. Anxious patients started coming in early that morning and were attended to. Speaking to the first client, an elderly woman in her seventies, she said, “I had come before but was told to return on this day when consultations would begin. I live in the neighborhood and came by myself because I sensed that just from the preparations, these people look serious.” It should be noted that services began with general consultations and all that come with it. The maternity, eye and other specialized services will commence before long.

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