CBC Health Services Nutrition Improvement Programme Commemorates the 24th World Breast Feeding Week (WBW)

The 24th WBW was commemorated from August 1-7, 2016 in over 20 CBCHS institutions, St. Mary Catholic Hospital, churches, media, hospitals, Conferences, health centers and other outreach clinics under the theme “Breastfeeding, a Key to Sustainable Development”.

In his message to CBCHS institutions, the Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih appreciated the efforts made through the Nutrition Improvement Programme in promoting breastfeeding practices. These include setting up of breastfeeding and or mother-friendly workplaces, counseling and education on early initiation to breast feeding, proper attachment and positioning to the breast and promoting breast milk banking services.

The DHS called on the different institutions to scale up these activities through creating enabling conducive breast feeding environments, creating breast feeding rooms and day care centers to ensure continuity of breast feeding. He reiterated that we shall inform, firmly anchor, galvanize and engage everyone in the promotion of optimal breastfeeding practices through presentations, educative talks and discussions within and without the vicinities.

Health education during the WBW at Baptist Hospital Mutengene
Health education during the WBW at Baptist Hospital Mutengene

To achieve this, posters and brochures were printed and distributed to 33 health facilities. Health educative talks were presented within the health facilities and at outreach clinics and media through dramas and quizzes. The package of information included the importance of exclusive breast feeding, making use of mother friendly work place, optimal breastfeeding practices, breast milk production, milk expression and storage. A total of 25,886 persons were sensitized during the week.

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