Forty-Five Finance Personnel Join CBCHS Workforce

Written by Ngala Hansel

Finance Clerks posing with their tutors, CBCHS Administration
Finance Clerks posing with their tutors, CBCHS Administration

Some 45 finance clerks who were on training at the Baptist Center in Nkwen have graduated and posted to various CBC Health Services (CBCHS) institutions for orientation. The colourful ceremony, which took place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Bamenda was the first of its kind at the DHS Central Administration, out of Mbingo where the training has always been holding. Close family relations and some staff of Nkwen Baptist Center and other CBCHS institutions turned out to witness the graduation ceremony.

Speaking on behalf of the Director of Health Services (DHS), the Chief of Administration and Finance (CAF), Mr. Warri Denis reiterated the open door policy of the CBCHS Central Administration to help the graduating students if they need any assistance. The CAF thanked Mr. Ngam Joseph for his unwavering dedication of coordinating the course and in teaching the students. He called on the graduating students to inculcate the lessons learned by setting goals that align with those of the CBC Health Board.

This call resonated with those of other speakers such as the CBCHS Personnel Manager, Mr. Ndosak George, the MBH Supervisor of Nursing Services, Mrs. Diom Helen, the Assistant Administrator of Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, Mr. Tosam Ephraim and the Interim Administrator of the Technical Services Department and Course Coordinator, Mr. Ngam Joseph Ful. MBH head chaplain, Rev. Mbuh Julius prayed for the students while the ACP Administrator, Pastor Denis presented the devotional thought.

The three best students were recognized as follows: Vekwusi Noela emerged best student followed by Emilia Mojoko in the second place Shey Timothy came in the third place. The class head, Isa Ladifatu Yufenyuy grasped the award for best in conduct. Each student received his or her certificate of course completion.

Responding to the gesture of awarding them recognition certificates and certificates of completion, Isa Ladifatu in her capacity as class head thanked the Central Administration heartily and promised that each one of them would be the model that their three and a half month training prepared them to be. She presented a gift to the Central Administration as a demonstration of her class’ gratitude for the training instilled in them.

Speaking to CBCHS Press, the third best student, Shey Timothy said he accrued a lot of ideas during the training. He put it thus, “I learned so much and I am very grateful that the theory I learned will now be put into practice. I even learned basic nursing practices and also how to interprete a doctor’s prescriptions and I am now going into the field to implement all that I was taught and I feel so elated”.

Reacting as well, Isa Ladifatu Yufenyuy, the class prefect said the greatest aspect of the training was not only the financial management skills but the solid moral principles she was taught and the wholesome friends she made. “I had challenges with housing as I had to leave from Mile Six every day to the Baptist Center but I am glad that everything came to a successful end” said a very elated Isa Ladifatu.

Two of the graduates will be retained at Nkwen while the rest will go to CBCHS hospitals and health centers in Douala, Yaounde, Kouhouat, Banyo, Mbingo, Banso amongst others.

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