CBCHS Administrators Agree on Cautious, Strategic Expansion

Expansion is a subject every organization treats with care. When CBC Health Services administrators and other leaders met at the Baptist Centre in Bamenda on March 4, 2016 during their annual coordination meeting, the subject of expanding services was preoccupying.

CBCHS top brass discussing the future
CBCHS top brass discussing the future

With the CBC Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih as chair, the top brass of the organization after much deliberation resolved on the need to strategically expand services in urban areas and use proceeds to fund rural health facilities which are in the majority. The administrators, however, established that such expansion should be handled with care and should be done strategically.

The Senior Administrator for Baptist Hospital Mutengene (BHM), Mr. Wirba Samuel told the CBC Health Press that “It will be nice to expand cautiously and progressively”. He affirmed that there is a need to develop personnel to that effect as expansion will require more qualified staff. To him, proceeds from expansion in urban areas could be used to cover deficits in the rural areas as well as in the Drug Revolving Fund.

A seven-man committee was therefore commissioned during the conclave with the mandate to develop guidelines and procedures for expansion so as to circumvent imminent challenges. The Chairperson of that committee, Mr. Ngang Paul who is Administrator of the Health Services Complex (HSC) Mutengene, said, to develop the guidelines and procedures, they will have to do a context analysis to consider the internal and external environment of the CBCHS vis-à-vis the growth policy. The committee has therefore gone to work. Some of the places earmarked for expansion are Douala and Yaounde where there is a great demand for our services by the masses.

Speaking to the administrators, the DHS, Prof. Tih Pius expressed his confidence in them, describing them as the think tank of the CBC Health Services. He said they are endowed with the responsibilities of diagnosing concealed problems and ensuring the growth and sustainability of the CBC Health Services as a formidable health organization in Cameroon and Africa. He therefore beckoned on them to demonstrate wisdom in all areas of their work and be true ambassadors of the organization wherever they find themselves.

Prof. Tih Pius reminding administrators of their key role
Prof. Tih Pius reminding administrators of their key role

Prof. Tih called on his collaborators to exploit the CBC Health Services annual report for 2015, identify prevalent diseases, seek new ways to address them and rehabilitate those already badly affected. “Attention should be given to prevention, control and rehabilitation,” stated Prof. Tih. He pointed out that non communicable diseases (NCDs) are already a serious problem particularly in our health facilities, reason why he said, serious attention will hence be given to these emerging diseases. He reminded them that “We have past the phase of infectious diseases to that of NCDs”.

Another thing which stood out during the meeting was the call on administrators to master their budgets and control it well so as to minimize costs. To this effect, the DHS drilled the participants on a new concept called Expenditure Analysis (EA) which warrants that all expenditures are ‘unpacked’ and some details given about each expense made.

The meeting was an opportunity for the CBCHS key leaders to review their action plans, review work already done and reprioritize their goals (staff salaries, drugs and maintenance) for the year for more effectiveness in their execution. They equally reviewed and refocused their goals and activities on the CBC Health Services 2016-2020 strategic plan that was crafted recently. As per the new strategic plan, Ngounso Baptist Health Centre will be upgraded to a hospital by 2018 while a research department will be put in place to ensure that our policies and actions are motivated by cutting-edge research.

Some of the people who were new to the meeting included: Mr. Tosam Ephraim, Assistant Administrator of Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, Mr. Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant, Administrative Assistant at the DHS Office and NCD Committee member and Mr. Abanda Alphonse, newly appointed HEPCO Administrator. Ps. Bambo Denis was present in his new capacity as AIDS Care and Prevention (ACP) Senior Administrator and Mr. Ngam Joseph Ful as Technical Services Department (TSD) Interim Administrator.

In a mini retreat, Mrs. Ngoh Mildred, Administrative Assistant at the Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services (CECPES) exhorted the leaders to seek to bring worship and glory to God through their work. She bemoaned relying on self and expertise, calling on them to depend on God in order to lead in ways that are pleasing to Him.

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