CBC Celebrates Lives of Two Fallen Retired Missionaries

Dr. Jerry Fluth
Dr. Jerry Fluth
The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) has always remembered and honoured former Missionaries that gave up the comfort of their Western countries to serve the Church in Cameroon. The CBC gives these Missionaries respect and remembers them when they pass on to glory! This was the case on March 6, 2016 when leaders of the CBC converged at Mbingo Baptist Hospital Chapel to celebrate the lives of two former Missionaries who died recently.

Mrs. Alma Henderson, who together with her husband first came out to Cameroon in 1947 from the USA, is credited for establishing Christ’s Church in what was then the Southern region of British Cameroon. She died on December 16, 2015 in the USA. Two days later, Rev. Dr. Jerry Conrad Fluth died on December 18, 2015 still in the USA. Dr. Fluth and wife, Monie first came to Cameroon in 1961 as a medic and at his death, he had been trained as a pastor and ordained as a reverend Minister of God. What a mix to minister to mankind in a holistic manner!

Mrs. Alma Henderson
Mrs. Alma Henderson
The eulogies that came from the Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, the Director of Cooperating Missions, Mr. Calvin Hohn, the CBC Executive President, Rev. Ncham Godwill and responses from Mrs. Monie Fluth and her two daughters and son in-law all bore testimonies to the contributions made by the fallen heroine and hero who availed themselves to be used by God up to the point of their deaths.
The CBC Executive President, Rev. Ncham like Mrs. Monie Fluth and her two daughters and son-law challenged the audience that filled the MBH chapel to learn from the lives of Mrs. Alma Henderson and Rev. Dr. Jerry Fluth to desire to be Missionaries called by God. Rev. Ncham announced that the CBC needs Missionaries to take the gospel to the predominantly unreached northern part of Cameroon and that his office doors were open to receive anyone whom God calls as a Missionary to that part of the country.

The Mayor of Belo Council, Mr. Tosam Bernard recounted vividly how as a young man growing up, he knew Dr. Jerry Fluth as the first Missionary doctor in Belo. He was humbled by the fact that the venerated medic later became a Rev. Pastor. The fon of Kom sent his message of condolence to the bereaved families through his messenger, Prof. Tih Pius. The fon also sent enough food to feed those who took part at the memorial service.

Also present at the service were the son in-law of Dr. Fluth, a cross section of Missionaries currently serving in the CBC, leprosy patients, friends and former colleagues such as Pa Tawah Moses, Pa Mfiekwe David, and Pa Tingem just to name but these.
In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the CBCHB, Dr. Jonah Wefaun said the history of the CBCHS will be incomplete without mentioning Dr. Jerry Fluth. The CBCHB Chairman thanked the administrations at the time (both mission and government) that facilitated Dr. Fluth’s work in Cameroon.

It should be noted that even after his retirement in 1981 Dr. Fluth continued to come back to Cameroon as requested given his multiple skills. He relieved Prof. Tih twice as DHS so that Prof. Tih could go back to school; first in 1987 and again in 1991-92. In 1989-90, he filled in for Rev. Dr. Oryn Meinerts as Field Director and again for a 3-month period in 2012-13 for Cal Hohn. In his words, “The one thing that really matters is your personal relationship with Jesus! Not position, not power, not possessions. Not fame, not fortune, not a following. Not degrees, not even doctrine”.

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