Prof. Tih Pius.Director of Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services.
Prof. Tih Pius.Director of Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,
Merry Christmas to you all in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been good to us. The year 2015 has rolled by very fast and we are about to celebrate Christmas while looking forward to a more promising and prosperous New Year 2016. This is a special season, and we are special people because “God is with us”. His presence is felt as Christmas carols are sung and we feel
His company, warmth and protection.
Concerning 2015, I wish to report to you that a lot of achievements have taken place. At the beginning of the year, we prioritized drugs, salaries, and payment of taxes in that order. We kept to that list but did not reach the target 70% drug availability in our facilities throughout the year. This was due to lo w cash flow in the system. The Drug Revolving Fund is helping but has not solved the problem of low cash flow. I urge institutions to continue to contribute regularly into the Drug Revolving fund. We made sure
salaries and taxes were paid regularly throughout the year.
Although not all our goals were implemented, we were able to implement the main ones. The key goal we had was the implementation of the Strategy 9 Projects Package. The projects at Mbingo, Bafoussam, and Kumba are at roof level. The ones at Nkwen and Mutengene have started and are moving smoothly. The one at Ekounou has not yet started. It will take off in 2016. The other AFD
sponsored project is the purchase of medical equipment which we are already sourcing for. There have been unforeseen delays in the overall implementation of the projects but we are determined to round up with many or all of them before December 2016. Reports from our institutions show that all has not been a bed of roses. There have been many
challenges ranging from sicknesses, death in our families, struggles with thieves, indiscipline among our staff, marital difficulties, and many others that we cannot all mention here. We have prayed with you and about all of these. We trust that this year will depart with all these challenges and the New Year will usher us into more successes.
For those who did not do well and feel that they have nothing positive to be happy about, they need to rethink and adjust their performance. What went wrong? Correct where you went wrong so that better results will be recorded in 2016. You can do it if you really want to win. All you need is determination. Do not feel defeated. Be positive in your thinking and planning. A failure is not one who has fallen down but one who falls and fails to rise up. Yes, rise up!I appreciate the spirit of stewardship of resources, discipline, punctuality, and seriousness that characterized our services in 2015. Our mission and vision statements were upheld and promoted throughout the year. I sincerely thank the management of all our institutions for the maturity and devotion they employed to make all this happen. Many of our leaders who attend the Board meeting
stood firm to defend our values and spoke to points as they came up. They demonstrated that they
understand what we stand for. There was the election of the Board Director and I particular felt happy with the way our leaders defended the CBCHS values during that meeting. I accepted to stand because I saw the determination of our CBCHS leaders to defend what we have lived for. They demonstrated that they have learnt and are committed to our mission, vision and Internal Rules and Regulations. I congratulate those of them who sit on the Board meetings. Please continue with the maturity and commitment you have shown. I urge all the staff of our institutions to learn from their leaders and be determined to defend our collective interest when and wherever need be. We shall further step up security measures in all our institutions. I encourage all our staff to remain vigilant and to report all suspicious individuals immediately for action. Make sure you maintain your personal security as well. The safety of all our staff and patients remains our top priority.
I feel committed to inform you of the trend of diseases from our reports. Non communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancers, congested heart failure, etc. continue to rise. Our 2015 statistics show that Malaria and Hypertension have topped the list of leading diseases for the last three years. On the other hand, AIDS remains the leading killer disease while hypertension has progressed from the 9th
position in 2013 to the 6thin 2015. This is a rapid move up and will soon be a leading killer disease. We need to take measures to fight and control these diseases. We are all at risk. The time to act is now. What should we do? First of all I wish to thank all the institutions that have taken measures to
screen the population on a daily basis for these diseases. I commend the efforts of Banso Baptist
Hospital in promoting the strategy of “Know your numbers” and keep fit exercises. I have seen similar moves being taken in other institutions. If you have not started, please make sure you do so latest January 2016. I will like our institutions to report on what they are doing in the domain of sports. In addition to the screening you are currently doing, I wish to encourage all institutions once more to:

1. Create running/walking groups. Everyone should belong to one and participate
2. Encourage staff to join an exercise or sports group
3. Endeavor to wake up at 5.30am to join the sports team on your CRTV screen.
4. You can buy a video tape of exercises and do each night or in the afternoon or evening.
5. Watch out on your nutrition. Reduce salt intake, quantity of food you eat and eat a balance diet.
6. Avoid taking sweet drinks, beer, tobacco, etc and drink more water.
7. Do your annual physicals and if you are already found to have one of the non communicable
diseases, make sure you control it regularly
8. Know your numbers every month if possible e.g. BMI, lipid, BP, weight, etc
9. Play football, or volley ball, or handball, or table tennis, etc
10. Do your cancer or prostrate screening.
11. Be wise about your health

You can organize dance groups such as Mbaya, Njang, Njuh, Tajob, and other such vigorous dances
where many people exercise themselves. These are good for your bodies.I will like to come back to the point I made some years back on the nursing care in the wards. I advised that only one seat be put on nurses’ station in each ward. This is to reduce much sitting in the wards where I have found staff sleeping instead of serving the patients. Many others sit and forget to walk round to check on patients in the beds. Starting January 2016, I am calling on all institutions to adapt our nurses’ stations to have working tops such that nurses can stand and do charting. You do not have to have chairs in the nurses’ stations. You come to work to work, not to sit. A lot of your work requires walking round the ward, not for clerical work. We shall follow up on this and shall ensure that the work stations are adapted to this change. In January 2014, we instituted a new dress code. I encourage all stations to ensure that we abide by the dress code. All our staff must carry their name tags all the time they are on duty. On arrival on duty, make sure you sign in and also sign out before you leave work. If you do not have a name tag yet, let
Mr. Ndosak George know. Please help us to be orderly in the way we present ourselves in public. Dress properly and act properly. We have a CBC Health Services uniform. Please use it when need be.Our institutions need more trees and flowers than we have now. I encourage all our stations to plant more trees and flowers. Avoid using artificial flowers on occasions. If you know that your family member will be graduating from school within the year, plant flowers early enough and nurse to blossom before the graduation. You can share them with friends. We must be environmentally friendly and sensitive. Let us have green compounds. We shall reward those stations that are truly green.Please review the committees that we have. We have infection prevention, COPE, and other service improvement committees. We also have management and disciplinary committees. I encourage all our staff to enroll in the pension plan, credit union, MUGFIC and Adopt a Health Care Program. At one point in time, you shall need help from one or more of these financial houses. This is important and must be taken serious.Beloved in the Lord,You have all devoted yourselves to serving God. You have sacrificed time, money and energy to see that our services meet the needs of the poor. You have kept on working with us not because you had no alternative and better offer elsewhere. You made a deliberate decision to serve God with us in partnership. We are happy you are with us. During this year, you have certainly been a channel of blessing to somebody you may never ever meet, but God knows what you did. I pray that you will receive the blessings of your services. Our team song for 2016 shall be “Years I spent in vanity and pride”. May the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and His peace that transcends all human understanding continue to flow into your family so that you can share with your neighbors and friends as you celebrate Christmas. Extend my Christmas and New Year greetings to your families. God bless and keep you. Merry Christmas 2015, and Happy New Year 2016.

Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, MPH, PhD

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