CCC’s Testimony Draws Attention at CPA Conference

Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh speaking at the CPA Conference at University of Buea
Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh speaking at the CPA Conference at University of Buea

The Director of the CBC Health Services Community Counseling Clinic (CCC) and Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education and Social Services (CECPES), Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh Godlove has made a landmark presentation at the first inaugural conference of the Cameroon Psychological Association (CPA) at the Dorothy Limunga Njeuma Amphitheater in the University of Buea from April 9-11, 2015. The Conference had as theme, “Psychology for human wellbeing”.

Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh Godlove’s presentation titled, “The organization and administration of counseling centres and the role of training: The case of the CBCHS Community Counseling Clinic (CCC)”, received an unparalleled applause from the over 160 participants made up of University Professors, Doctors and students.

He stated that quality counselling grows out of adequate training, supervision, and consultation. These activities, according to him, are nearly impossible in sufficient intensity apart from the existence and effective operation of a counselling centre. “The CCC uses a community-based model that is open to all those in need to allow clients to be referred or identified in communities. Although faith-based, CCC does not discriminate against clients from other religions,” Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh expatiated.

From the reactions that ensued after his presentation, Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh told our reporter that he could deduce that there is a great need for psychologists who are practicing to truly practice in the right way. He spent time telling psychologists what is being done at CCC to the astonishment of most of the teachers. He said his desire is to make CPA know the exhaustive training and supervision offered to students and counselling services offered at CCC and the CBC Health Services. As more and more CPA members will be coming in to see what is being done at CCC, he rejoiced that CCC’s services will be made known to the public.

As it stands, Rev. Dr. Ndongndeh is the only serious practicing clinical psychologist in Cameroon, the others being educationists. The newly created Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC) Kumba is now in the process of setting up a clinic that will corroborate theoretical training of students of the Guidance Counseling Department.

He revealed that from inception in 2009, CCC has provided counseling services to over 2000 clients, trained 128 counselors and has initiated training of 3 clinical supervisors.

The conference saw the launch of the Cameroon Psychological Association (CPA) and installation of the pioneer executive by the President of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) and President of the Pan-African Psychology Union (PAPU), South African born Professor Saths Cooper. CPA has as Honorary President, Professor Therese M.S. Tchombe of the University of Buea and the President, Professor A. Bame Nsamenang of the University of Bamenda.

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